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Stretch-n-Grow of Winston-Salem (and the Triad), North Carolina
Jennifer Hansel - Owner/Director
(336) 287-1193  |

Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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Stretch-n-Grow of Winston-Salem (and the Triad), North Carolina

"My daughter was a Stretch-n-Grow star since she was old enough to join the program. It really   helped her develop, both physically and emotionally. We are both going to miss Ms. Jennifer terribly –she has been a part of our lives for over 3 years and has been a wonderful teacher, coach and friend."

(Parent of Stretch-n-Grow Star for four years)
""My twin girls talk about exercising their muscles and foods that give them energy - it makes me think about what I've fixed for dinner!"
(Parent of Stretch-n-Grow Stars for two years.)
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