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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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Road rage can lead to many mistakes and dangerous situations behind the wheel. If you want to stay as far away from it as you can, you should follow the tips in this post that LV Oils in Winston-Salem has prepared for you.

Have you ever been driving down the road and felt that burning sensation stemming from your gut and spreading to the rest of your body at the sight of someone cutting you off or driving too slow? Has that sensation forced you to honk, curse, yell, or act impulsively? If you answered 'yes' you have experienced road rage. Road rage is that angry behavior that could result in drivers making rash decisions and getting into potentially dangerous situations. Road rage can become even worse during the hot, summer months, which is why you should be extra careful nowadays. If you want to learn how to avoid road rage so you can care for your mental and physical well-being, continue reading the post below.

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How to Avoid Road Rage

Plan Your Drives Wisely and Effectively

The first tip to avoid road rage is to plan your drives wisely and effectively. When you have control of where you're going, what time you're getting there, how you'll get there, and more, you can prepare for unforeseen circumstances and react to them effectively and in a calmer manner. For example, you should plan the time at which you'll leave for your destination. Leave early so you don't feel pressed for time or you don't panic if there's a lot of traffic or another issue. You can also plan to take longer but more relaxing routes to get to your destination. This way, you can avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Lastly, now that the summer months are in full effect, you could try to avoid going out when the heat is at its highest (11 am - 5 pm), as people are hot and bothered at this time.

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Create a Zen Environment Inside Your Vehicle

To avoid road rage, you need to let go of the things that you can't control (like people honking outside or the decisions other drivers make) and focus on the things that you can. That's why, you should make your vehicle the most zen place possible, so you can remain calm and chill while you're in it. Speaking of chill, you already know that the heat make people more explosive, which is why you should keep a cooler environment inside of your vehicle. Turn the AC system on to that end. Listening to a podcast, an audiobook, or music you like while you drive can also help you keep your cool as you drive. Whatever you end up listening to, however, make sure that it doesn't distract you too much from the road and situations around you, as you need to react appropriately to them. Finally, it can also be a good idea to do breathing exercises or some meditation when you drive, so you can control your emotions better.

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Let the Little Things Go

Finally, you should make it a point to let some of the little things go when you're behind the wheel. Of course there will be situations in which honking is necessary (e.g. if a vehicle is about to hit you). That's what the honk is there for, after all. However, if someone doesn't let you through or is driving at a lower pace, you can take other measures to deal with the situation (like changing lanes) without resorting to anger. If you're the one being honked at and you made a mistake on the road, simply correct it. In any case, if someone is raging at you shouldn't engage. Even if they're honking and yelling at you, you should ignore them at all costs. Keep going on your merry way so you can care for your mental and physical health.

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