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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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A strong love of learning can help your child keep a curious mind and a hunger for knowledge for the rest of their life. However, for your child to develop a strong love of learning, you can encourage them. For tips on the matter, continue reading the post below.

How to Encourage Your Child to Learn

  1. First of all, let your child explore and experience the world around them. This will help them strengthen their curiosity.
  2. Reading brings your child closer to other ideas, information, ideas, and more. For that reason, you should help them develop a reading habit.
  3. It's important that when your child shows excitement about learning, about a specific topic, or when they learn something, that you match their excitement.
  4. If possible, take some time to learn something new with your child. For example, read about animals or try painting with them.
  5. Help your child realize that there are different ways to learn something. For instance, make experiments with them to get them interested in learning.
  6. Having the confidence to ask and answer questions can also help your child progress their learning process, so encourage them to do so.
  7. Lastly, stay positive and help your child have a positive mindset, too. Learning can be a challenging process, so be sure your child knows you support them no matter what.

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