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Summer is the perfect time of year to take your jet ski out for a ride, but before you do, read this post by AMSOIL: Cerberus Systems, Inc. in Winston-Salem to learn what your jet ski maintenance routine should look like. 

Things to Check Before Your Ride

Before hitting the lake this summer, there are some things you should check to make sure your jet ski is in good condition. First of all, if you haven’t taken it in for routine service in a while, it might be time to do so. Usually, jet skis and other PWCs (personal watercraft) need to be serviced once a year or after 50 hours of riding. A jet ski service usually includes changing the engine oil and filter, replacing the spark plugs, greasing, and lubricating. If you’re in between services, it’s still good to look at a few things before riding. Check your oil levels and cleanliness, check the coolant level and make sure your jet ski doesn’t have any loose, worn, or damaged parts.

Jet Ski After Ride Care

Lift Your Jet Ski Out of the Water

Once you’re done riding for the day, you should lift your jet ski from the water. Water and debris in the water can create a build-up that, in the long run, could damage your jet ski. Lifting your jet ski out of water can prevent build-up accumulation and make it easier to clean.

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Clean Out Your Jet Ski

After a day in the sun riding your jet ski, it’s essential to flush out any residue water. This is a crucial maintenance step and should be performed each time you finish using your jet ski in saltwater or sandy freshwater. Flushing your jet ski consists of clearing out the exhaust and engine cooling systems to avoid corrosion and ensuring that your jet ski will be in working condition for a long time. Flushing your jet ski is an easy task, but ensuring you do it correctly is vital for the engine’s proper functioning and can help you avoid costly repairs. Remember that your owner’s manual is the best place for the exact instructions on how to flush your jet ski. That being said, general instructions are to:
  1. Level your jet ski to the ground
  2. Locate the flush port usually located in an engine compartment or under your seat, but it will depend on the model.
  3. Attach the hose but don’t turn it on.
  4. Start the jet ski’s engine and let it idle, then turn on the hose.
  5. Your owner’s manual should say for how long you need to idle your engine, but it’s usually between 90 seconds and 3 minutes.
  6. Turn off the water hose and then the engine.
  7. Finally, disconnect the water hose and close the flush port.
Before flushing your engine, though, consider that these are only general instructions and that you should follow your owner’s manual instructions for better results.

Check Your Jet Ski for Damage

Now, another vital part of your maintenance routine should be to do a visual inspection of your jet ski once it’s out of the water to look for any missing parts, cracks on the body, or anything that might look out of place. Doing this survey can help you catch problems with your jet ski early and address them before your next day out. This can also help you see more significant issues that would need a professional to fix.

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How to Store Your Jet Ski

Finally, storing your jet ski is key to it having a long, useful life. There are many ways to store your jet ski so let’s go over some of them. The first one that comes to mind is storing it in your garage, which is a practical solution for many reasons, such as maintenance and cleaning it. But this might not be the best solution for someone with less garage space. Another storage solution for your jet ski is to place it outside on your property like your yard or your driveway. This can be convenient, but it might not be the best idea. First, because your jet ski can deteriorate quickly if overexposed to the elements, and secondly, because a jet ski in your yard could bring unwanted attention. That being said, if you decide to go through this route, make sure to cover it up so that it’s less affected by the weather. Lastly, other ways to store your jet ski can be to rent a storage space to keep it during the off months, storing it in a jet ski marina, or look for a dry-rack storage near you. All of these are great ways to preserve your jet ski life but might be a little costly in the long run.

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