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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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Summer is upon us, and kids are out of school, which means many parents are worried about their kids staying indoors for endless hours, playing video games, or watching TV. A solution for this is to enroll them in summer activities which include movement and play. Think of activities that will promote children’s fitness in Winston/Salem, NC.

Make Exercise Fun!

It’s easy to stay active during the school year, but during the summer, many kids need a change in routine, and having fun activities that feel different from the rest is the first step to making exercise feel brand new and exciting. Exercise shouldn’t have to feel like a chore, and making it fun is the first step to get your child to want to participate.

Develop and Strengthen Skills

Another incentive for staying active during the summer is making new friends. Organized sports and exercise programs can help your child make new friends and socialize with kids their age in a supervised and constructive environment. Other than health, sports also help improve communication skills and develop a sense of belonging.

Model Good Exercise Habits

Modeling is also a great way to encourage your child to make exercise a part of their routine. By having adults in their life that enjoy exercise, children will learn that exercising is a vital part of life, and it will be easier for them to grow up enjoying movement.

Lastly, exercise for children has been linked to growth patterns, and a summer exercise program is key to building healthy habits. Connect with a friendly professional at Stretch-n-Grow in Winston-Salem, NC by calling (336) 287-1193.