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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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An online listing can get the word out on your for sale property. Still, it needs to be competitive enough to stand out from the rest. Learn to do just that through this post that Land Title in Winston-Salem has put together for you. 

During no other period in the history of human kind have we been so connected to each other as we are now. The internet allows us to reach people around the world in a matter of seconds, helping us meet and come into contact with like-minded individuals. This quality can be incredibly useful at times, for example, if you have a property that you'd like to sell. Nowadays, in just a few minutes, you can put up an online listing for your estate and connect with people that may be interested in acquiring it. Still, just like you can spread the word on your property from the comfort of your own place, so can many other people. This means that you need to have an awesome online listing if you want to attract potential buyers to it. If you'd like to learn a few tips that can bring your online listing to a new level and will help you catch the attention of more internet users, continue reading the post below.

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How to Improve the Appeal of Your Home Listing

Take Incredibly Pictures of Your For-Sale Property

The first impression a user will have of your property will be through the images you upload of it in your online listing. That's why, it's imperative that you take professional photos of it to display its best features. Moreover, the better the pictures you have, the more attention they will attract. To take good real estate pictures, consider the following:
  • Deep clean and stage the property to ensure it looks its absolute best for the pictures.
  • Employ professional equipment in order to get high-quality photos: a good camera, lighting equipment, a tripod, etc.
  • Take good care of the light and shadows in your photos to produce good pictures.
  • Find the best camera placement so you can effectively showcase what your property has to offer.
  • If you're editing the pictures, only correct minor issues (e.g. color and light), and avoid trying to deceive potential buyers.

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Share Appropriate Information on Your Online Listing

Of course, the images are incredibly important, as they're the ones that will catch the eye and interest of potential buyers. Still, to have a good online listing, you also need to include pertinent information that will help the users know if yours is the place they're looking for. To that end, you should follow these tips to share information:
  • Describe the property: its size, the amenities it has to offer, the kind of neighborhood it's in, among other similar things.
  • While you should be descriptive, avoid being too rambly, as it may confuse and deter some of the users.
  • Be truthful about the information you share: don't try to deceive potential buyers, as this could hurt your chances to make a sale.
  • Remember to add your or your agent's contact information (phone number, email, etc.), so interested people can reach you.

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Find the Right Spaces to Share Your Property

Finally, something else to consider is where you will share your online listing. This will depend largely on the type of property you have and what your target audience is. For example, if your property is near a university, certain forums or social media groups will be more likely to catch the eye of teachers or university workers. Knowing your target audience will help you decide what are the best places to share your online listings in (be it social media, a paid website, forums, and more). This will maximize your efforts and will help you find good leads much more easily, helping you sell your property faster and better.  

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