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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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How Your Children Can Enjoy a Healthy and Active Fall

When it comes to Fall, the weather isn't very motivational for exercise. However, this doesn't mean that Fall can't be a great healthy season for your children.  Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, NC has some tips on how you and your child can enjoy a healthy fall.

Crunch Some Leaves

Walking is a great healthy activity and one which you and your child can easily do together. However, instead of choosing a regular paved footpath, look for local bushwalks or parks where the ground is covered in crunchy leaves and the trees are shedding their summer glory. Walking these paths is not only fun for your youngsters as they crunch over the leaves, but the scenery is relaxing and worthy of a few pictures.

Fall Foods

Of course, fall is the season for pumpkin which is not only delicious but healthy, too! However, this isn't the only Fall food which your children can enjoy. Apples and Pears are great fall foods and ones which can be mashed up into a delicious paste for everybody to easily enjoy, whether it's along your walk or for a picnic.

Layer Up!

Of course, if you will be heading outdoors for a walk or for a picnic, be sure that you dress for the event. For Fall, this means dressing in layers. The benefit of layering is that, as you are walking and working up a sweat, it's easy to take off a layer to help keep you cool without having to take off a lot of clothing. As an example, a light jacket is a great way to stay warm as you get started but something you can take off as you warm up and walk in just a t-shirt or even long-sleeved shirt.

Children's Fitness Classes

If you are finding it difficult to get your children motivated and interested in exercise this Fall, children's fitness classes can help! To learn more, speak with a friendly expert at Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, NC by calling (336) 287-1193 and find a session near you!