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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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What Else Can Keep Your Child Hydrated?

When it comes to drinks, it’s fair to say that water wouldn’t be the first choice of many children. The challenge this presents is that water is the very thing your children’s body needs to grow. If you are struggling to get your youngster to drink a sufficient amount of water, Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, NC has a tip which can help.


If your youngster loves devouring juicy fruit then you are in luck, because the majority of the juice and the fruit itself is water. With this in your mind, when it comes to choosing dessert, if you regularly enjoy ice cream, don’t hesitate to include some fruit to help give their body a hydration boost. Similarly, fruit is also a great breakfast food and can be a nice change from regular toast or cereals, especially when paired with some yogurt.


If your evening meals lack vegetables then now is the time to changes things up. Vegetables contain a high portion of water which, if eaten by your younger before bed, can provide their body with a good level of hydration to assist in getting a good night sleep and to rest and recover.


Instead of buying sugary popsicles from the supermarket, make your own at home with your children by mixing water with fresh fruit and freezing it. Not only are these delicious, but your children can choose exactly which flavors they want to make and. Of course, as you can imagine, the water in these popsicles is great for their body and their brain and is an excellent way for your child to hydrate.

Children's Fitness Classes Can Help Your Children’s Physical Development

If your youngster isn’t active as they could be, speak with Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, NC at (336) 287-1193 and find out how their children's fitness programs are not only fun but can greatly improve our child’s health and fitness levels.