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Stretch-n-Grow of Winston-Salem (and the Triad), North Carolina
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Welcome to Stretch-n-Grow of the Triad!   This year marks our 16th year serving children, families, and child care centers! 

We are passionate about helping children learn about fitness and building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

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Even Kids Can Struggle with Motivation

Adults can often find it difficult to stay motivated and on track when attempting to improve their health and fitness. Children also feel this struggle and could use a bit of help in this regard. Below are some tips from Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem,...

Tips to Help Get Your Youngster out of Bed

Do you struggle to get your student out the door in time each morning? Are they constantly late for the bus? Below are some great tips from Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem which can help!

Use the Heater

If cold mornings are your student’s problem then...

Exercising in the Sun Safely

Every parent knows that exercise is important to a child’s mental and physical growth. In addition to the great sessions available from Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, below are some tips to help keep your little ones safe during the summer heat.

Drink More!


How Your Youngster Can Benefit from Group Exercise

When it comes to adult exercise, the most chosen option is one-to-one training. However, when it comes to children, this method isn't always the most effective. Below is a post from Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, NC with some of the benefits of...

Why Is It so Important to Stay Hydrated?

We all know that we need to drink a set amount of water each day, but when it comes to teaching your kids you may not always have an answer to their questions of ‘Why’. Below are some great reasons from Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem to share with your...

The Importance of Fruit in Your Youngster's Diet

When it comes to the food choices that your children make, everybody knows that it’s better to make healthier choices, such as to choose fruit over sweets. However, despite how important this is, student’s just don’t like the idea. Below is a great...

Improve Your Child's Health This Spring

When the time for spring cleaning comes around, it’s always our homes which get all of the attention. But what about you and your youngster's bodies? Below is a great post from Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, NC on giving your youngster’s body a spring...

Does Your Youngster Resist Exercise?

There are some children who just can’t get enough of running around exercising. Then there are other children who much prefer to stay indoors and plant themselves on the couch all day. If the latter sounds like a scene in your home, below are some tips from...

How to Encourage Healthy Sleeping Habits in Your Child

When it comes to a growing and healthy body and mind, every parent knows that the key is sleep. And as much as children enjoy sleeping in during the morning, it’s often because they struggle to drift off to sleep at night. If this sounds...

Benefits to Stretching

Stretching gets a bit of a bad reputation because it isn't the most exciting activity. However, it is one of the most important. Stretch-n-Grow, Winston/Salem, NC has a post with some of the many benefits to stretching.
  • Sitting down all day watching the teacher write on...